Video Servers

Video Servers

By using Intel's latest Skylake CPUs with embedded Intel Graphics GPU, Dektec's ASI/SDI cards and our powerful playout software, a single Inetsat video server packs the power of a full rack of traditional playout equipment. Storage, Playout, Subtitling, Graphics, Encoding, TS Recording, Time Shifting, Downconversion, Automation and more in a single server the size of an IRD.


Inetsat video servers’ fully automated operation with no local management and small form factor allows you to place them anywhere. You can use them at your central facility, at a remote location or at the edge, directly in your affiliate's headends as if it was an IRD. The configuration of each video server can be set independently even if they are linked to the same feed, giving you the flexibility to deliver the output (codec, bitrate, etc.) needed at each location.

Cost Effective

By using off-the-shelf components, Inetsat's server hardware costs are similar to that of an HD IRD. However, being cost effective goes beyond the cost of the server itself. By packing all its power in a small form factor and giving you the flexibility of placing them anywhere, video servers help you save money in datacenter fees and optimize your distribution architecture, thus saving on expensive transmission links.

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