Inetsat is a powerful, flexible and cost effective platform composed of:

  • Video Servers the size of an IRD with full playout and localization capabilities that can be remotely operated over low bandwidth internet connections.
  • Backend Platform on the cloud that manages the playout automation, media distribution, monitoring, alerts and integration with your existing operation.
Integrates with your Operation

From importing your playlist, exporting the as run logs in the format required for your traffic system or integrating with your automation system through our APIs, Inetsat's platform is designed to adapt to your operation. Additionally, our professional services can develop custom integrations to meet your specific needs in a matter of weeks.

Flexible Media Distribution and Storage

For maximum flexibility, media can be distributed and stored locally through repositories at each video server, in external servers within your network or at Amazon's S3 cloud storage platform. Our platform also includes a high speed uploading tool that can be automated through watch folders. In addition, each video server packs a smart downloader that prioritizes downloads based on the playlist information. For maximum security, all transfers are encrypted and authenticated.

Consolidated Management and Monitoring

Management and Monitoring of your entire deployment can be done through your preferred web browser in a PC or Tablet. Our easy-to-use web administration console allows you to manage all your feeds, the media stored across multiple repositories, the configuration and status of the video servers and even monitor the output of each video server remotely over medium bandwidth internet connections through HLS streams and thumbnails (screenshots updated every ten seconds). Alerts can also be configured to notify you of any video server or internet connection failure.

High Reliability

Inetsat's platform is highly reliable as it does not present any system-wide points of failure. Video servers are designed to continue operating for days with the playlist and media previously downloaded, even if the internet connection goes down or the backend platform service becomes unavailable. In addition, two video servers running simultaneously at each location will avoid interruption of the channel output should one of the video servers fail.

Learn more about our Video Servers or download our Datasheet outlining the main features of our platform.

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